What Am I Doing?

Nobody knows what I am doing most of the time and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, so I will keep most of this to myself. But, some of you have received visits from me in your dreams. You may not remember or you simply may not have told anyone, but I am thankful that Chrissy shared! I love my Sock Monkey TRain Song and the children’s books that are now a part of the world and I have ideas for more songs. Since Scott and Shari hadn’t gotten around to putting more out there, I enlisted the help of my friend Christina Smiley. She was reluctant to share the dream at first but I am glad that she did and a new song is on its way into the world. I always wanted to write songs and it is just as exciting to do it now as it was when I was alive on planet earth. If you have heard there is no life after death, don’t believe it! And, listen to you dreams!!

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