Where I AM

Where I AM is unknown to all who are still here on this human earth plane. But where I hope to end up, from┬ámy eternity, is in your hearts and in your minds as I share what was in mine during my lifetime with you. I share through my sister. I thought she was a brat when we were growing up, but she became a good friend in the end. My end, that is. She is now spending her spare time sharing my poetry with the world. Teaching our mother to blog and use social media so my poetry can reach your eyes and your ears through this blog, books and even music. I hope you enjoy and find the happiness I did as God healed my soul. Now I am with him and all there is. He healed my soul when I shared all that I had and all that I loved. Don’t wait til your dying, do it now!


2 thoughts on “Where I AM

  1. I was an acquaintance of Train’s. I only found out last week that he died. (1/4/17) I would be interested in seeing more of his poetry, however I am not tech savvy and couldn’t find where to find it on this blog. You could email me if you wish to share some.. ~Thanks. My deepest sympathy is extended to you; he was a unique person with eyes that really had a spark. I was shocked to hear of him passing. He is missed. My daughter is a budding poet and published; recently graduated from Shipp U. with a degree in English.


    1. HI Beth, Thank you for writing. I am not sure why I didn’t see this before now and I haven’t done a good job keeping up with my blogging. Todd does now have 3 books on Amazon and a song which I produced this year. We will be celebrating him on his birthday, November 27, at his place in Gettysburg. You are welcome to come if you would like. Congrats to your daughter. Todd is constantly missed. I often feel like he sacrificed his life to change mine. I am his sister, Shari


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